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The Mural Building: Chicago Urban League

The Mural Building: Chicago Urban League

The Mural Building: Chicago Urban League

The Mural Building: Chicago Urban League


Wintrust is proud to partner with the Chicago Urban League for our latest mural. This mural is inspired not only by the current movement calling for justice for Black people across the country, but also the Chicago Urban League’s 104-year history of working to advance racial equity here in our hometown city. 

We’re honored to support this important organization in its commitment to advocating for the economic, educational, and social progress for Black Americans and promoting strong, sustainable communities through advocacy, collaboration, and innovation. 

The mural is meant to depict Black people advancing through life without the barriers of racism and inequity. It shows significant educational, professional and personal milestones, like graduating, joining the workforce, and owning a home. This accomplishments reflect the Chicago Urban League’s work to strengthen Black families and communities through direct service and advocacy. We hope this mural provides affirmation of the Chicago Urban League’s vision that a stronger Black community makes us better as a city and country.  

The Chicago Urban League is committed to providing resources during these uncertain times, including a COVID-19 Community Help Center to support individuals, families, and small business owners negatively impacted by the pandemic. To find resources or sign up for a consultation, visit

The organization is also holding a two-week STEM/STEAM Camp for middle school students with both virtual and in-person, socially distanced options from July 29 through August 9. Click here to apply online. The Chicago Urban League is also planning its annual Back-to-School Fest in August in a way that promotes social distancing, with resources and supplies to support students for either a virtual or physical return to school in the fall. 

To learn more about the Chicago Urban League and its many events and resources, please visit, or follow the Chicago Urban League on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter for updates.


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